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In what we believe is the first and only program of its kind in the world, you can earn your choice of Masters in Education degrees simply for working at a good job. Work your normal hours (20 contact hours per week) and study online in your free time.

You can choose between:

- M.Ed in Digital Learning and Leading from Lamar University (Texas, USA)
- M.Ed in TESOL from European Global School (France)
- M.Ed in Early Childhood Education

The tuition will be completely covered your employer, Owen Education.

Owen Education is a nice English school with locations in beautiful cities in Kunming and Chongqing.

With a competitive salary of between 10,000 and 15,000 RMB per month (depending upon qualifications and experience) + housing allowance bonuses and 20 contact hours per week, this is a good job.

Download the job description HERE and the sample contract HERE.

- Teaching Contract

- Owen Recruitment

Limited to native speakers from qualified countries (due to Chinese visa regulations).

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Gavin Booker, Altanta, USA

"I chose the program because I felt it would be a good chance to earn 2 bachelors degrees at a discounted rate in a good environment with a cheap cost of living. I felt it would be a good opportunity to broaden my horizons and learn at the same time."