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Bachelor's Degree from a US University for less than $20,000. Add an MBA in as little as 4 1/2 years and $36,000.


A three-year, 120-credit full Bachelor of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

M.Ed. in Digital Leading and Learning

This unique program prepares educators to lead their organizations in the ever-changing area of technology in the classroom.


Our Capabilities


Siam Technology College’s International programs are designed and run by experts in their field with decades of experience. Our TESOL programs are based upon the core TESOL Certificate and Diploma courses offered by TEFL International, a world leader in initial TESOL training. Content provided by David Hopkins, Brian Tomlinson and others. Even with the quality the curriculum at Siam Technology College, we can offer a price that are minimal compared to the cost of a US, UK, or any other Western University. Even better yet, we offer the program at a schedule that works around the busy schedules of people living and working in foreign countries. Here at Siam Technology College, you can complete your degree and end completely debt free with three years of actual teaching experience.

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The world over time has adapted to make English not just a western language, but a global language. Not just in casual conversations, but in business and educational fields as well. For those in the world that are not up to date with their English abilities, there are teachers that are able and willing to teach them English for the betterment of their life.

ED Visa Provided

Anyone coming in from a foreign country usually has two questions. First, “How do I get there?” And second, ”How do I get into the country?”

The World's First and Only Tri Continent Business Degree

International Business Management Degree

Combining the History and Tradition of the UK With the Strength of the USA and the Future that is Asia

Study all four years in Thailand at Siam Technology College and get all three qualifications!

Business Qualifications from the US, UK and Thailand

The United Kingdom has hundreds of years of history as a world and economic power and is still considered one of, if not the top destinations for higher education worldwide.

The United States has been the preeminent world power for the last 100 years and has some of the best universities in the world.

Asia is the future, with rapidly growing economies and over half of the world's population. So perhaps it took an Asian institution to create a truly visionary program that combines the strength of these three regions into one four-year program of study.

Students who successfully complete this degree program will receive:

• A Degree in International Business Management from Siam Technology College
• A Degree in Intercultural Leadership with a Minor in Business Management from Lamar University (Texas, USA)
• A Level 5 Diploma in Business Management by NVQ in the United Kingdom


• $19,978.45

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The participating colleges:

Founded in 1923 and home of more than 15,000 students, Lamar University is one of the fastest growing colleges in Texas and is a member of The Texas State University System. Lamar University offers more than 100 educational programs of study in the most dynamic career fields leading to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. The 292-acre campus in Beaumont is about 90 miles east of Houston, Texas and about 25 miles west of Louisiana.

Siam Technology College, founded in 1965 as Thailand’s first Technology College under the name Siam Institute of Technology, and the first private technology college in Thailand, is a private education institution under the Office of the Higher Education Commission in Thailand. With over 10,000 students, STC is also one of the fastest growing institutes of higher education in Thailand.

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) are educational awards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland that are achieved through assessment and training. They are based on recognised occupational standards, work-based and/or simulated work-based assessment where they confer occupational competence.

To achieve an NVQ, candidates had to prove that they had the ability (competence) to carry out their job to the required standard. NVQs were based on National Occupational Standards that described the "competencies" expected in any given job role.

There were five levels of NVQ ranging from Level 1, which focuses on basic work activities, to Level 5 for senior management.


Jeffrey Rock

Retired career US diplomat with extensive management background, international experience and access to high level international contacts.


Master’s of Business Administration, 1981

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Emphasis: Marketing and Organizational Behavior

Bachelor of Arts, 1978

Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Majors: Economics and Asian Studies


Thai Fluent (reading, writing & speaking)

Chinese (Mandarin) Fluent (speaking & reading)

Indonesian Conversationally conversant

Bruce A. Veldhuisen

Life-long entrepreneur and business owner focusing mainly on Asia with vast contacts in industry and Education worldwide.

- Master’s of Business Administration, 1991

- Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
Emphasis: International Business

- Bachelor of Science, 1988
- Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Majors: Economics and International Relations
Thai basic
Chinese (Mandarin) conversational
Chinese, (Cantonese) conversational

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